The club building process is something that is often over looked by many golfers but has always been one of our highest priorities here at Perfect Swing Golf. One thing that we had come to learn since the introduction of advanced digital testing equipment is that there is no such thing as “Standard” when it comes to golf equipment. Even stock equipment that is “standard” can vary greatly from that of a different major manufacturer. There can be as much 3 to 4 degree difference in face angle, loft and/or lie between models, up to an inch in length and shaft flexes that make you scratch your head! This is before we even get into production tolerances with the thousands of golf clubs that are being built every day across the country. The best Companies in golf can still make mistakes. What sets PSG apart from the big box stores and online retailers is our commitment to quality and consistency. The best part is that this does NOT come at any additional expense to you! We always keep our pricing at the manufacturer’s lowest retail price, which is what you will see advertised anywhere you look.

All golf clubs (Stock or Custom) purchased through Perfect Swing Golf are tested and checked using the latest in high tech equipment before being made ready to the golfer for pick up. Whether they are custom built in house or stock clubs from the manufacturer this ensures that the specifications you were fitted for are exactly what you receive. This provides you with the most competitive pricing and a final product that you trust and rely on to take you game to the next level.